PROJECT – A individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.
ANOMALY – Something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

The short version: The fitness company that is built off the recognition of your accomplishments. Put in what you will and you will be recognized for it.

The long version: On my way out from the united states military in 2017, I began to ask myself what can I do to continue serving and give back to the community. Through extensive thought and brain storming, with a buddy of mine, I realized that Everyone has different levels of physical fitness. What project anomaly does is give structure to your physical fitness goals and pride . It gives you recognition, and it networks you with others along their fitness journey around the same level of fitness or even finding a mentor. I came up with these 4 titles or rankings to help you understand and bring a sense of pride to where you may be:

(the problem is determining what defines obtaining the recognition between a swimmer and a bodybuilder etc, on how to obtain each title.)

(Each rank is a synonym of Anomaly)

Quirk – This is the lowest level. It is meant to signify that you have started your fitness journey and you should be proud. It is named quirk for the purpose that sounds like your “New” and I want you to strive to move on. TEST LEVEL: Easy

Aberration – Mid ranged. You feel “Fit” and Proficient. You have adequate knowledge of your art/trade TEST LEVEL; MODERATLY HARD

Anomaly – You have mastered your art/trade at this point. you are your trade. Think of it as being a boss or leader. TEST LEVEL: EXTREMELY CHALLENGING

Pravum – The best of the best. The 1% of the 5% This title is not meant for everyone. TEST LEVEL: This test will be circumstanced and generated by other pravuam’s. It will be the most physical demanding thing you have ever done.

Facility: My goal is to have a multi- functional facility. These places will be the expression of your recognition . The main hubs will be bodybuilding( power lifting, strongman), Cross fit (physical agility center), Mixed material arts( main disciplines, boxing, ju jit su). Ideally I would like to have an Olympic sized pool with other sub categories of physical fitness

I simply desire to share the opportunity of fitness with everyone, having fun while doing it, and bring challenge.